Patient Lifetime Value

You are about to start seeing each of your patient’s financial value to your business in a whole new light.

Improve Patient Relations • Systemized Patient Satisfaction • Show Patient Appreciation • Create Patient Good Will • Build Patient Retention • Systemized Patient Referrals • Automated New Patient Lead Generation • Systematically Build Your Online Reputation • And Much More!

A Quick Simple Eye-Opening Patient Lifetime Value Lesson

We like to introduce you to an amazing newly created system that could help you, but before we do, we would like to do reverse marketing, by showing you the value of the system first. This quick lesson could totally change your perspective of a patient or prospect, both now and in the future.

This quick lesson could totally change your perspective of all of your present Patients… as well as prospects from your marketing efforts… both now and in the future.

A Basic "Patient Lifetime Value" Calculation

NOTE: We promise the following calculators were not coded to save or transmit any of the information you enter.
  • In line “A” enter your average office visit and services fees per patient.
  • In line “B” enter the average number of office visits per patient per year.
  • In line “C” enter the number of years they might stay a patient. If you don't know, enter desired years.
  • Skip the last 2 lines, then click “Calculate Lifetime Value”. The page will reload and the summary will appear within the calculator. Simply scroll back down to the calculator after page reloads.

Patient Lifetime Value Calculator+

Lifetime Value of a Patient
ADollar Amount of Average Office Visit
BNumber of Visits per Year
CNumber of Years a Patient
DAdditional Patient Referrals per Year
E% of Referrals Who Become Patients
FGross Visits per Year per Patient (A x B)$0
GGross Visits Over Lifetime (F x C)$0
HNew Patients Annually from Referrals0.0
ILifetime Revenue from Referrals (H x C x G)$0
JTotal Value of a Loyal Patient (I + G)$0
Current Statistics:
# Avg Appointments/Day# Missed Appts/Day
Appt Capacity/Mo% Missed Appts# Missed Appts/MoAvg Dollar
Revenue Lost/Mthly- Revenue Lost/Yrly
Lost Revenue0X0%=0X=$0$0
Percent Reduced Missed Appts=0X$=$0$0
Less Cost of Service$0
Your Net Gain in Revenue$0.00$0
Your Return On Investment ?%

*ROI = Return On Investment – Appointment Recovery = Reduction in Appointment No-Shows and Late Cancellations (no time to fill canceled slots)

If you entered everything correctly, you will see your present patient’s lifetime value. At the very lease, the total is how you should see every patient that walks through your door; that is if you do nothing extra, and keep every patient happy. Feel free to play around with the “Percentage Increase” column if you want. NOTE: We have included 1 other calculator that could increase you profits and savings; however, this is not about that. Contact us for details about how we could help you accomplish these other goals.

Increasing The Value Of A Patient Without Increasing Prices

The following calculation reveals part of what our system is about, a “Perpetual Growth System”. This system is centered around “Patient Referrals”. Almost every smart business depends on referrals to some degree, but very few develop an actual workable system; especially medical and health professionals. As you will see through the next calculations, your business could start to grow exponentially with very little effort.

The system we are presenting to you was developed especially for dental professionals who would love to help educate their patients about good dental health, while at the same time reward them for learning, and easily and willingly share what they learn. This next calculation will reveal your rewards.

  • In line “D”, in the first box, enter the number “6”. This is the “Referrals” line. Don't worry about how you or your patients will get referrals because the system will reveal how simple it is.
  • In line “E”, , in the first box, enter the number “33”. This will reveal how many referrals chose to use your services from line “D”. You can use you own numbers in any of the boxes.
  • Now go to the “Calculate Lifetime Value” button then click it. The page will reload again, then scroll down to the calculator.

If you entered the information correctly, you will notice something truly mind-blowing!

  • In line “D” you entered “only “33 Percent Yearly Referrals", and in line “E” you entered the percentage of those referrals becoming patients, which equals only "2 Patients Per Year (line H)" from referrals.
  • If those "2 New Referral Patients" purchase the same amount of services as your original patient, "Your Gross Prfit" would equal to 6 times more additional income.
  • That's an amazing "600 Percent Gross Profit Increase" coming through "JUST ONE" of your current patients!

Our System Could Help Make This Happen For Your Business!